• I’ve bought numerous kits and everyone beautiful. Very well cut and easy to put together. Kits includes interior walls and a few extras that really add something special. A must for any Western Maryland modeler but great for a free lance modeler as well. Every kit suitable for steam or diesel era. Loki g forward the the next Medford Trains kit.

    Matt Thomas
  • In addition to the shanty I’ve built the speeder shed, and plan on several more. The kits are easy to build because they are well thought out. Can’t wait to get to the Thomasville freight house and The Mill.

    Dave Rohrbaugh
  • I have had many enjoyable hours building various kits from Medford Trains, and plan to build more. Being a Western Maryland fan, they are right up my alley.

    Greg Cassidy
  • Jim Medford’s models are, without question, the high art of rail modeling. We are pleased he is a vendor at our train shows, and we highly recommend him.


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