New Windsor Passenger Station in HO

New Windsor Passenger Station in HO

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This beautiful station kit was created for me from photos I sent to Jeff Grove at Carolina Craftsman Kits. Jeff worked hard on this one and gave me everything I asked for...I think he created a Masterpiece with this one!

If you notice, some of the photos show it with a tower as it was prior to 1910 when a repaint and remove tower order was placed. The kit comes without the tower but it can be purchased separately and will include other above roof trim. If you're building in this time period, I would recommend using a yellow ochre body color and olive green for the trim.

Kit includes all accurate Tichy windows and doors, including 4 brass door knobs for the double entry doors. The roof is made from plywood with a scribed underside to compliment the roof brackets and the gable end details.

This kit when completed will make you proud to put it on your layout...or to just display it on your favorite shelf.